Rotomilling: Asphalt & Concrete Removal Services

Diamond Coring has everything you need for the safe and efficient removal of your concrete and asphalt surfaces. In addition to our state-of-the-art milling equipment and experienced union operators and crews, our water trucks, dump trucks and experienced sweepers ensure swift removal and clean up, keeping your project on time and within budget.

From airport runways to trenching for the laying of pipes, our capabilities allow us to offer services for projects of varying demands including but not limited to demolition of concrete and soil excavation.

Diamond Coring's rotomilling services are complimented by our expert team of sweepers, who have the right equipment and skills to keep the project on schedule by working effectively with the rotomilling operators. By ensuring smooth operations we are able to help you manage costs by keeping your project on schedule.

Call on the company trusted by Fortune 500 Companies, and by government agencies and organizations in Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Missouri, and Iowa, as well as utility companies and businesses who rely on our ability to meet their exacting requirements, budgets and timeframes.

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Diamond Coring has an entire division that specializes in construction sweeping. For more detailed information about sweeping services please visit our website.

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